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Equine Vit&Min Elite Racing Formula is the Diet Perfecta! A scientifically formulated supplement to balance vitamin, mineral, omega-3 and amino acid deficiencies in the diet of horses in race training. Includes organic and inorganic sources of zinc, copper and selenium and a generous serve of biotin for strong hooves. 


EVM Elite RF is 4 supplements in 1!

  • Multi-vitamin and mineral balancer
  • Omega fatty acid balancer
  • Hoof conditioner
  • Probiotics & Probiotics for gut health


Equine Vit&Min Elite Racing Formula is:

  • Scientifically balanced for horses in hard work fed high grain diets.
  • Designed to balance the critical mineral ratios across the whole diet.
  • Formulated for stabled horses - rich in vitamins A and D. 
  • A concentrated source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Safe for race training - contains no prohibited substances.
  • Rich in essential minerals to develop and maintain a strong musculoskeletal system.
  • A source of antioxidants and correct magnesium balance to aid recovery.
  • Rich in vitamins for high performance and efficient utilisation of dietary carbohydrates.

Directions for Use:

Mix daily dose of Equine Vit&Min into horse's slightly dampened feed. Dosage can be halved and fed twice daily. Scoop included in pack holds 50g.

  • Horses on plain grains: 100 g/day
  • Horses on half pre-mix, half plain grains: 50 g/day

If using a fortified feed such as pellets or sweet feed mix, reduce rate of Equine Vit&Min fed. Do not feed more Equine Vit&Min unless on advice of veterinarian or nutritionist.

Equine Vit&Min

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