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Farmalogic Fat Pony is a  supportive nutritional supplement containing prebioitics, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and biotin for overweight and laminitis prone horses. 

2.8 kg contains 31 large horse serves, 62 pony serves.

Scientific trials have demonstrated that the specific prebiotic used in Farmalogic Fat Pony can improve insulin sensitivity in overweight horses. Omega-3 oils are included for their anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants are included to help the body neutralise the free radicals that may occur due to toxins and inflammation present during a laminitic episode along with biotin and essential amino acids for healthy hoof growth.


Horses: 2 scoop/day   Ponies: 1 scoop/day


Best results are obtained when used as part of a calorie controlled, low starch, low sugar diet with correct mineral balance. Can be fed in conjunction with multi-vitamin and mineral supplements such as Equine Vit&Min. Always ensure horses have access to fresh, clean water and a source of free choice salt. 

Does not contain substances prohibited by the rules of racing and FEI competitions.

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