Crown Saddlery

For when excellence matters......

Exclusive hand crafted dressage and show saddles, bridles and lunging equipment. The finest European craftsmanship made right here in Australia using the best quality leathers sourced from Holland, France and England. Made to measure or standard sizes available.

Schooling Reins

$118.18 ($130.00 inc tax)

Custom Snaffle Bridles

$590.91 ($650.00 inc tax)

Custom In-Hand Show Bridle

$500.00 ($550.00 inc tax)

Custom Weymouth Bridles

$1,045.45 ($1,150.00 inc tax)


$2,727.27 ($3,000.00 inc tax)

Custom Stirrup Leathers

$136.36 ($150.00 inc tax)

Custom Reins

$100.00 ($110.00 inc tax)

Butterfly Lead for In-Hand Bridle or Leadl...

$81.82 ($90.00 inc tax)